Owed money from a bankrupt or a company in liquidation

Ensuring you are registered as a creditor


If the official receiver (OR) or insolvency practitioner (IP) dealing with the case of someone who owes you money knows that you are a creditor, you should be contacted automatically. All known creditors are notified of the initial bankruptcy or winding-up order.

If you believe a company or individual that owes you money may be subject to insolvency proceedings, and you haven't been notified, you should write to the OR/IP dealing with it. You should give the full name of the company or individual, as well as your own details.

Any information you can provide about the assets of the company or individual - or about the conduct of the director(s) or individual - would also be useful.

There are various ways of finding out who is dealing with the case:

If a partnership is involved, bankruptcy orders may have been made against individual partners - details of which would be on the register maintained by the High Court.

Don't expect frequent updates from the OR/IP. After your claim is filed, you will be sent a report to creditors - which will give you information about the assets and liabilities of the company or individual, and the circumstances of the insolvency.

It can take weeks, months or even years to realise - sell - assets. If you are concerned, contact the OR/IP handling the case. Remember to notify the OR/IP if you change your address.