Employment agencies and employment businesses: record keeping

Employment agencies and businesses: keeping hiring company records


There are certain records you must keep when running an employment agency or business about any companies hiring staff who contact you with job vacancies.

Records you must keep when dealing with companies hiring staff

  • The date their application is received.
  • The hiring company's name and address, and location of employment they are offering if different.
  • Details of the job role or roles the hirer seeks to fill.
  • Duration or likely duration of the job role.
  • Experience, training, ability, qualifications, and authorisation required either by the hiring company, by law or by any professional body.
  • The terms offered in respect of the job role or roles the hirer seeks to fill.
  • Any other conditions attached to the job role or roles the hirer seeks to fill.
  • Copy of the terms between the employment agency or business and the hiring company, and any document recording any variation on these terms.
  • Names of job-seekers introduced to or supplied to the hiring company.
  • Details of inquiries about the hiring company and the position the hirer seeks to fill, with copies of all relevant documents and dates of their receipt.
  • Details of each resulting engagement and date from which it takes effect.
  • Dates of requests by the employment agency or business for fees or other payment from the hiring company and of receipt of such fees or other payments, and copies of statements or invoices.
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