Employment agencies and employment businesses: record keeping

Employment agencies: penalties for non-compliance


Employment Agency Inspectorate (EAI) inspectors will inform the employment agency or business of instances of non-compliance and explain what their legal requirements are.

If an employment agency or business is not complying with their legal obligations they will be sent an infringement letter detailing the issues which require their attention in order to achieve compliance, and the steps needed to correct them. You will be required to provide evidence that you have addressed the non-compliance issues accordingly. There may be a follow-up inspection by the EAI to ensure that remedial action has been taken.

See EAI legislation and enforcement.

Penalties for serious non-compliance issues

If the matter is particularly serious or the employment agency or business does not take corrective action, the EAI will consider recommending a prosecution and/or making an application for a Prohibition Order in an Industrial tribunal.

Certain breaches of the legislation are criminal offences which can be tried in the Magistrates' Court, where the maximum fine is £5,000 for each offence, or in the Crown Court where the fine is unlimited.

The EAI can make an application to an Industrial Tribunal for a Prohibition Order on account of a person's misconduct or unsuitability. The maximum ban is ten years.

See the EAI enforcement policy.

If you have a question about an EAI inspection or any other related topic, you can call the Employment Agency Inspectorate Helpline on Tel 028 9025 7796 or email eai@economy-ni.gov.uk. They will take note of the points you raise, seek further advice if necessary and advise appropriately.